The Fab Tap

The Fab Tap : Cheers to New Beginnings and A Bubbly Good Time

It was a gorgeous idea from the start: a mobile Airstream bar experience complete with a photo booth and countertop consumer experiences.

Introducing, The Fab Tab.

Our client had a dream of making a mobile event trailer that could cater to a myriad of consumer needs. We started with, as we do with all clients, her hierarchy of need. What were her top non-negotiables, the things that she had to have in this Airstream. They were as follows:

  • Small and compact Airstream for flexibility and mobility
  • Interior and exterior tap systems
  • Photo booth with seating
  • As much countertop space as possible
  • Vending window
  • Branding opportunities

Having this list gives us the ability to work out a transparent pricing model so that clients not only know what they’re paying for, but can trim off costs where they need to in order to fit their budget.

Beyond our transparency, one of the things that helps us stand out among our competitors is the ability to offer a full-service menu to our clients which includes graphic design and branding. We not only helped our Fab Tap client with the creation of her dream trailer, but we also brought to life the visual brand identity of her business. Together we found the perfect shades of navy and cream creating her color palette, designed variations of her logo to live online and on the airstream, and we even helped with some teaser social content to start spreading the word.

There were several other design choices along the way which took this 1970 Caravel from vintage vending trailer to the next level of mobile experiences. Blue velvet seating, matte gold hardware, gorgeous wood backsplash, and handmade beaded cabinet fronts with butcher block countertops complete with sink covers brought the project to a close. But it was the custom neon sign that was the luminous cherry on top to complete the vibe.

At the end of the build we were ecstatic to see such a happy client who will no doubtably continue to spread bubbly joy at her future events.

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